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In the spikes and crashes of my relationship with No. 6, I was empathetically reminded by a lot of friends and family that a relationship, especially in the beginning, shouldn’t feel like work. People suggested marriage and life throw enough challenges your way – if you’re not simply enjoying each other in the beginning, maybe […]

3 reps, 3 pounds, 3 yrs old

Yesterday Mother Nature reminded Coloradans what it means to live here. A daylong snow shower creating two to three feet snowdrifts, ice packed roads, and “sickie pow pow.” (Think high snow boarders.) We lounged the first half of the morning, occasionally peeking out the window to appreciate the extra warmth of the blankets and fire […]

10 Things That Don’t Suck About Valentine’s Day for Singles

1. You don’t have to shave. Actually, married people don’t shave either, so I guess it’s a win-win for everyone. 2. You won’t get engaged. On Valentine’s. In a restaurant. 3. You won’t post pictures on Facebook of the roses your husband got you. 4. If you don’t have kids you don’t have to stay […]