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There it is exploding right in front of us — a metaphor for her personality. “Firepoppers” lit up the ski slopes in what seemed a personal celebration of our girls mountain getaway. And Nora stayed still in awe of the twinkling lights, mouth shut, for a holy and sacred few minutes during which I could […]

En Oh, NO

Tracy wants me to join a dating site. I would rather write about how Nora calls her pinky finger her HINKY finger. Hang on while my uterus contracts for a minute. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. There. The biggest misconception about parenting is that you give birth to a kid and the labor pains stop. No. My uterus is […]

On tasting your own breast milk

I can’t post much more about Virginia Beach until I get permission from family to write freely about them and then post incriminating pictures on the web (weird how no one has returned my calls), so in the interim, I’d like to take a moment to remind my good friend Megan not to dump any […]


Traveling with a toddler. Let that soak in for a moment. Traveling. TODDLER. TODDLER TRAVELING. Traveling = gasoline. Toddler = flame. EVERYBODY DUCK! Even if you don’t have a toddler you have traveled with one if you’ve been on an airplane. You know they are unpredictable – possibly entertaining, possibly your worst nightmare. And the […]

On being responsible

The last time we took a beach trip was in 2010 when this group of class flew to Kauai. We woke up to roosters cock-a-doodling and jogged as a pack to exotic waterfalls in preparation for a half-marathon we ran the day before we left. Many people told me it was irresponsible to go on […]

Dr. Julie

I did not know I was pregnant when I lied on the floor of my living room crying next to Julie. It was a few days after a traumatic break up. I had been through a relational tornado. I felt as if I had been hiding in a basement for hours praying and waiting for […]

On being a lady

Hi Nora!   If you read this post one day, there are three things I want you to know first: 1. Aging is hard. We need outlets. 2. These women would do anything for you. If something happens to me, stay close to them. They will take care of you and show you the world. […]

All the Single Ladies

Introducing Miquel, my date for the wedding last weekend. She performed a dance at the wedding reception that made Beyonce look like a hobo. I didn’t ask her if I could use this photo on my blog because A) I haven’t yet told her about my idea where I pimp her out at weddings so […]