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Welcome to my house. There are no rules, I have plenty of boxed wine, and crying is kind of my thing. Join me?

I get it. You can’t let evil win by being fearful, you shouldn’t let a toddler win by giving in and something about wearing white after Labor Day. I know the rules. But the rules just make you feel weak for feeling. So fuck the rules. Let’s drink a box of wine (like, we each […]


Therapist says to find myself instead of being the reflection of what others see. People pleasing has diluted my personality, my opinions, my voice. Having an opinion wasn’t safe. Therapist says it’s OK to say Goddammit. Same with fuck and shit. FUCK AND SHIT. Anger isn’t mean. It can be a form of self-assertion, she […]

Just play

This was the instruction by my therapist on Tuesday. She says I have too much stress, maybe even more responsibility than I can handle right now, and maybe I need to play more. She either really sees inside my life and cares about my happiness, or she’s a good salesman. Whatever. I’m paying her good […]


“Goddammit son of a bitch” and “Jesus Christ” were my clutch phrases last week after my car broke down and in the proceeding hours that evening when my daughter almost lost the tip of her finger in a fluke accident. (It has been a total drag on this blog lately but I’m not finished with […]