Category: Break-Ups


In the spikes and crashes of my relationship with No. 6, I was empathetically reminded by a lot of friends and family that a relationship, especially in the beginning, shouldn’t feel like work. People suggested marriage and life throw enough challenges your way – if you’re not simply enjoying each other in the beginning, maybe […]

Mommy’s ami

We are all doing our own thing getting ready for the day. Nora’s at the table eating pancakes with syrup and sprinkles. Layla hovers over my feet expectantly as I lace up my tennis shoes. No. 6 is trying to open the front door while balancing a basketful of laundry. Just as he yanks it […]

Moving on

I sought after #1 in Jr. high school because I wanted to be the girlfriend of the popular, broad-shouldered football player who was a year older than me. #2 pursued me in high school persistently not just because I was popular, and he was not, but because I saw past his freakish height and Hawaiian […]

#6, Tattoos

Snow is floating sideways, stark white against the crippled trees. I took Nora to school wearing clunky boots and a puff coat. You would have laughed at her trying to say “the snow is crunchy” because it came out “trunky.” “The snow is trunky.” I’m in the car now staring at my empty condo wishing […]

Break-Up # 6

I heaved black tears into my Big Mac in the parking lot of McDonald’s. Swirls of leaves danced on the black pavement taunting me with happiness. People laughed over coffee as they walked to their cars. The train blared across the tracks. I could not stop the day from moving forward. It was over. A […]