Patient Love


Last night I braided Nora’s hair for the first time. And not just any braid. A French braid. People without toddlers, this is like screaming “wanna go outside!” in an annoying high-pitched voice and then trying to clasp a leash on a Golden Retriever’s collar.

But we did it. Sometimes going a little bat shit crazy is what it takes to get a whole lot of preciousness out of your child. Because now she can’t stop looking in the mirror and smiling.

And neither can I.

3 Responses to Patient Love

  1. Rachel A. says:

    You are so amazing!

    Can you please teach me how to do that? I missed the french braiding part of elem school.

    Maybe I need to get that giant Barbie head to practice, to save my sanity.


  2. HoboMom says:

    I see a French braiding party in our future!

  3. suzanne says:

    Hahahaha…nice comparison. Sign me up for the next lesson.

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