Tracy can’t look at me without laughing, which is rude because some of us are just trying to survive, Tracy. It was get to a meeting on time or fix this, and punctuality seemed like the more easy responsible choice of the two. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers […]

Identity formation

This is a historical point of interest in Parker, Colorado where my family lives. I almost slammed into the car in front of me tonight when I drove by it, because it captures my past and present so charmingly. Even better, the fact that it is written on the side of a train is so […]

Weekend Highlights

Do you believe in signs?   Bangs update (I took this photo of myself in the car, at a stop light, with my iPhone, employing my best nonchalant face, revealing the depths of my narcissism, but I promise you my ego is in check. Please go easy on me. I have a mustache, sun spots, […]

Hobomom’s law of ego

The intensity of your urge to poop is directly proportional to the number of bathrooms available in public. Those bathrooms publicly available attract every disproportionally attractive male with a force that is directly related to the size of your ego. Empirical evidence shows that the disproportionally attractive males will, in fact, be represented as single […]


Friday is my most productive day of the week. Instead of being distracted by weekend plans, the impending reprieve makes the work day almost feel like a choice, and I’m all the more capable and willing to get stuff done when it’s on my terms. Layla works on Fridays, too. She rides with me to […]


This picture was taken two years ago about the same time I started seeing #6. Even though we’re not dating anymore, they both still wait like this when I tell them he’s coming to play, except now Nora’s old enough to tell Layla “I CAN’T SEE! Get out of my way.”   Bookmark on Delicious […]


Therapist says to find myself instead of being the reflection of what others see. People pleasing has diluted my personality, my opinions, my voice. Having an opinion wasn’t safe. Therapist says it’s OK to say Goddammit. Same with fuck and shit. FUCK AND SHIT. Anger isn’t mean. It can be a form of self-assertion, she […]

Ball and chain

Nora approaches a group of boys playing with trucks and roooaaaaarrring like dinosaurs. YOU GUYS! she yells, purse on shoulder, hand on hip. They stop what they’re doing. IT’S TIME TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING. They stare at her blankly. She begins stuffing plastic bananas in her purse as they drop their toys to help. I […]

You other brothers can’t deny

This is why we don’t kick toddlers out of the house or feed them peanut butter and saltine crackers without something to drink (seriously, that was an honest mistake). Soggy butts and cougar suits. No other time in your life can you combine these two statements and it be socially acceptable. I’m considering an experiment […]